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Tourza Family Trees (Updated - Tuesday, November 03, 2006)

Tourza's Families have common roots that have flourished throughout the world. I have made it my personal project to bring them back together. My name is Jim Nehemtallah and I was born in Tourza, Lebanon. I need your help to compile a family tree of tourza and all it's connections and branches.

Why am I doing thisI?
To better understand my roots and how all these people I see everday are related to me. I want my children to be cognitive of their ancestors and where we came from. As a side project families have approached me to create a separate family book for their family. These books will be available for purchase on the following dates:

Saad: 23 November 2006
Yazbeck, Yasbeck, Yezback: 23 November

Where am I doing this?
In Canada where I now live.

When is all this done?

There are approx 6000 names and 3500 photos as of 03 November 2006. In reality the tree will never be done as long as people are born and die as well as get married. I hope to continue updating it as I get information from everyone.

How am I doing this seemingly impossible feat?
I am using software called Family Tree Maker © to input all the data and pictures. Each family tree can then be extracted and printed in colour or b/w in any format or the family file can be extracted to modify on your own copy of family tree maker or other geneology program. You may want to have your family extracted and/or printed for your home. Once the tree is somewhat complete, it will be printed and posted in the community to reflect on. At that point, anyone can request that changes be made with new information (new photo, spelling, dates and relations) supplied to me.

How canYou help?
All I need is info and pictures from you... send me an email with changes and/or new information with photos and descriptions, years of birth, and proper spelling and marriage info. see how you fit in the tree and continue to grow branches from it. See the sample format below. Please introduce yourself, give a family history as far back as you or your elders remember and then provide a word or wordperfect document listing the family in chronological order. I hope you have as much fun as I did researching your heritage as I did. Also look into the eyes of the elder relatives when you ask them about their past. Notice the pride shining from their face... Many, many thanks for your help and cooperation.

Yes, this is me - Jim Nehmetallah

Finally Here
Family Trees (no photos) PDF only.
Please use to view and check for accuracy, I encourage anyone with relation to any tree posted to email me with corrections and/or decent portraits (group is easier to process - .png or jpg formats preferred.

Abbas, Boutros, Issa, Jabbour, Jacob, Najem, Nehmetallah, Nohra, Saad, Sarkis, Sleiman, Tanous, Yazbeck, Zeiter, etc...

Sample tree of my father's family printed from Family Tree Maker to Adobe pdf format

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