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The great friday in Tourza 1973
 During the seventies, a play was usually held in Tourza on the occasion of the Great Friday and Easter. this celebration was organized by a group called " Legio Mariyya : or " Mary's army " which was founded in 1963 and its main objective was becoming sacred , and participating in all the religious and social activities in the village .

The week before Easter, the great Friday, was the peak of their activities where every body in Tourza as well as other people from neighboring villages would meet together in this celebration which had become a tradition despite the modest abilities which the people at that time could offer.
This celebration started in the early seventies and continued for many years as is seen in the recently found photos.

When the play took place different people in the village played different roles:
• Sarkis Tannous Zakariyya and Youssef Hanna Youssef (Chammine) played the role of Jesus.
• Jack Naim, Joseph Abbas, Valere Gaspard, Joseph Antonios Michael Tannous (now the reverend Joseph Tannous), Iskandar Sarkis Gerges, Lahhoud Maksoud and others played the soldiers.
• The Marys were played by Rafka Gebrael and Melanie Maksoud.
• Juliet Alaga played Mary Magdalene.
These as well as many other roles were played by the villagers.

 The play took place at 3 stages:
1. Judas's kiss: it was held in doors down the playground of the school.
2. Jesus trial: This was held on the stairs of the church in the village square. (The stairs was later removed to make the square more spacious.
3. The crucification: this was held along the streets of the villages up to the entrance where the crucification took place on the high hill in front of the monument which is still there today.

Today, after thirty years, people in Tourza still remember those days.

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prepared by :Iskandar Saad ; Translating: Lisa Gaspard

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