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The rebuilding of Tourza's parish church
After two month of a continuous work , the first step of rebuilding the church of saint " Sarkis and Backos " in Tourza has been achieved . On Sunday , 14-11-2003 , the holiness Mass of the new altar was celebrated under the pastor's cheifship ,the Metropolitan Francis el-baysary and the presence of the residing citizens of the village. 
The rebuilding details:
  the parish's paintings: Three paintings of the parish were restored by the artist Issam Kheir_allah.He had cleaned them and removed away whatever covered them of dust, and incense or wasc smoke during a century and a half.
  The enormous altar: After demolishing the three altars close to the stone wall, we built in middle a principal and unique altar made of "testa" stone . it has the form of a tomb , engraved on its frontal part by the "Lord's Supper" drawing clearly noticed and enlighted in the middle .The altar's length in 2 meters and its width is one meter only . It was sculptured by the priest Joseph Makhlouf.
  Host and chrism chancels: The host chancels ,according  to the maronite church's tradition is moved to the right altar , means to the " virgin Mary's" altar ;its a mix of brass and colored glass. It's the most splendid work ever reached by the ecclesiastic art . in our church , there are normally 2 chancels: one to the host and the other to the chrism an baptism water. these two sacred chancels were achieved by the priest Joseph Makhlouf.
  The Baptismal font: Next to the old stone font , they put a new baptismal stone font ; it's as high as the principal altar, placed in the back of the church . it was designed by Mr. Sarkis Yaakoub.
  The cross: At the top of the altar, there is the painting of the parish's Saints , and above this picture, there is a wooden cross enlighted from its back , very huge , made of the oak wood, having the same color of the seats . This cross was designed by the priest Joseph Makhlouf and it was achieved by the carpenter Elias Yaakoub.
  The church's enlightenment: The engineer Elie Salih has done the study and the well-known "Ayanyan" company has achieved the enlightenment of our church in a certain manner that suit its historical value.
  The sound system: The "Amac" company has set the sound system inside the church in a very advanced technique.
  The church's field: The field was hollowed to make it lower than the church ; the external columns were totally removed and the field's entrance was changed ; All the field was paved so that it became as high as the main entrance.
  The church's seats: In our church ,there are 52 seats . the carpenter Elias Yaakoub supplied with a team of workers and specialists in painting have restored and fixed them because these seats are made of an old and rare kind of wood and their value is a historical one.
  The pulpits: There are two pulpits ; one for the "evangel" and the second for the "Message"; the holy book is shown over the first one . (saint who is celebrated) .They were designed by the priest Joseph Makhlouf and executed by Elias Yaakoub.
  The windows: The fifth upper windows are made of iron and ecclesiastic Italian glass. They were drawn up by the priest Joseph Makhlouf and executed by Joseph Chanine  . The used glass is a mixture of colored glass with gold oxide . The designer of the windows was the priest Joseph Makhlouf; their wood was carpented by Elias Yaakoub and their glass was achieved by Makhlouf himself.
  • The loft's destruction.
  • The stone's rebuilding inside the church.
  • The restoring of the internal pavement.
  • To open two ancient bookcases in the wall to arrange the old books.
  • To open six arches in the highest level of the church that existed ago and were used to enlight.
  • To put two stones for the blessed water at both entrances of the church.
           Futur projects
  • The paving of the church by suitable stony pavements.
  • opening the principal entrance towards the public field.
  • a project of air-conditioning system for the church.
  • buying a photocopier to the church.
The rebuilding's costs


Cost in  U.S $

Restoring the three parish's paintings


The three altars


Host and chrism chancels


Enormous cross


Sound system


Pavements' cost


church's seats


Electricity and enlightenment






fees of stone and pavement workers


fees of workers and transportation


fees of compressor and geomancy


hardware  and  paintings


Ecclesiastic utensils


Electric generator






Different items






The total of the rebuilding's costs was nearly estimated to 60000 US $  mainly contributed by:

  • Sister Anias Gaspard :25000 $
  • Mr.Sarkis yaakoub: 7114 $
  • Mr.Sarkis Mouawad: 3000 $
  • Tourza's municipality: 1500 $
  • The "women community" Canada: 2000 canadian $
  • The commodore Lahoud Gerges: 1000 $
  • Mr.William Nasr:500$
  • Mr Elias yaakoub : 400 $
  • Mr  simon and Bassam Boutrous : 300 $
  • Mrs Nasrah Nasr: 100 $

To contribute in the rebuilding's costs ,please contact the parish priest Charbel Antonios on the following number : 961-6-995082 . or contribute to the following account:
Byblos bank -Kousba Branch, account number :// 295-2811945-002 //
Swift Code // BYBALBBX //

for further information: info@tourza.net

-pictures collection...       
-arabic edition... 

prepared by : Youssef Saad
The altar's construction
The picture of virgin Marry
The painter Isam Kheir-allh
The priest Joseph Makhlouf
fixing the pictures
fixing the pictures
st. Joseph picture
The church's seats:
inside the church
the windows
The paving of the church
Tourza church

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