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The opening of the municipality of Tourza 8 june 2003

On Sunday June 8 th 2003, the grand opening of the headquarters of the municipality of Tourza took place. At approximately 3:30pm, the people of Tourza started arriving. The band, from Hadath al Joubbi, arrived before then and was preparing their musical instruments, while the people were filling the town square. At 4:00pm the politicians, military troops and clergymen from casa Becharre started arriving. The head of the municipality, Elias Antonios, was there to greet them upon their arrival. While the band was playing music, the people were awaiting the arrival of the Governor of North Lebanon. When he arrived, the crowd proceeded to where the ceremony was to take place.

The ceremony started at 4:30pm with the Lebanese National Anthem and when it was over, Lawyer Elias kasper stood at the padium and welcomed all of the guests, especially the politicians, military troops and the clergymen. He welcomed them on behalf of the people of Tourza. The head of the municipality gave a speech and again welcomed the guests and thanked them for attending this event. He spoke about the projects that were completed during his time in office and then he invited the Governor to come to the podium and give hi speech. In his speech, the Governor said that he was glad to be in Tourza and he thanked the municipality of Tourza for inviting him to this event.

After the Governor gave his speech, the head of the municipality mounted the platform and presented the memorial plaques to the governor of North Lebanon, Nassif Alloush, the member of parliament Gibran Tawk, the member of parliament Iblan Issa El-Khoury, which was received by boy Issa El-Khoury and the most important plaque was presented to the eldest member of the municipality, Elias Aziz, for his hand work and dedication to building the headquarters of the municipality. Bouquets of roses were presented to the Governor of the North and the members of parliament, on behalf of the municipality.

The head of the municipality asked the Governor, the members of parliament and the guests to proceed to the opening of the headquarters of the municipality.

At the end, the crowed cut the cake and enjoyed a cocktail. The guests ate, drank and celebrated until 6:30pm.

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writing text : Toni Nohra ; Translating: Juli Maksoud ; typing: Johnny Nohra

The municipality
The cocktail

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