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Les Mariages islamo-Chretiens..
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Galleries Archive Galleries: 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
2008 photo galleries
Palm day in Tourza - 2008
17 january 2008
The celebration of Maya Kozma Jraiche baptism
30-31 january 2008
A Snow Storm in Tourza
2007 photo galleries
Christmas Celebration in Tourza
The Wedding of Youssef Saad and Nancy Khalil
saint sarkis and Bakhos celebration
september 07
celebrating the Victory in "nahrel bared"
september 07
Tumbs in Tourza church
september 07
Church rebuilding 2007
4 /august / 2007
Christina Saad and Elie Maksoud Wedding pictures
The Mariage of Rita Hanna Najem and Asaad Najib Jebrael
Great friday week
Palm day in Tourza
17 february 2007
Richard Yaacoub & Julie Mouawad's Wedding Pictures
2006 photo galleries
Christmass Celebration In Tourza
13 october 2006
A Wild fire at jabal el Rihani
The Mariage of Nathalie Boutrous and JIhad Al Asmar
The Mariage of Michel Diab and Lauraine Khoury
The Mariage of Grece and Juan Jreije
The Mariage of Latifi Gasibi and Badoui Barakat
Tourza's Houses
17 june 2006
The Mariage of Zeina Boutros and Joseph Franjieh
29 april 2006
Jouhana Maksoud and Jimmy Wedding
8 april 2006
In the loving memory of the Faddoul broth...
Palm day in Tourza
2005 photo galleries
26 November 2005
Tourza's nature
10 October 2005
The marriage of Simon Raad And Maya Tarabay
6 October 2005
St Sarkis and Backos Celebration - Tourza
Fire in Tourza
A celebration welcoming back all immigrants to Tourza
27 out 2005
The Mariage of Joyce and Carlo Maksoud
21-22-23-24 July 2005
The festival of Saint NOHRA in Tourza
Dalmaz Grotto
23-24-25 / march / 2005
Great Friday week
palm day in Tourza
2004 photo galleries
13 November 2004
The marriage of Diala Khalil and Chadi Lichaa
30 October 2004
The marriage of Marie-belle and Sam kfoury
12 October 2004
Saint Sarkis and Bakhos Holiday in Venezuela
6 October 2004
Saint Sarkis and Bakhos Feast in Tourza
4 september 2004
The marriage of Nicole Saad and Tony Tannous
14 -15-16 August 2004
The festival of Mother Mary in Leamington - Canada
21 july 2004
Saint" Nohra" yearly festival
30 May 2004
The municipality elections in Tourza
4 april 2004
Palm day in Tourza
14 february 2004
A snow storm in Tourza
19 january 2004
The rebuilding of Tourza's parish church
2003 photo galleries
11 October 2003
Charbel Greije & Mony Jabbour's Wedding Pictures
6 July 2003
Paul sarkis & laudi Al kaddoum's Wedding Pictures
8 June 2003 the opening of the municipality of Tourza
18 April 2003
the great Friday in Tourza
18 April 2003
the great Friday in Tourza(1973)
13 April 2003
Palm day in Tourza
25 February 2003
snow in Tourza
2002 photo galleries
24 December 2002
Christmas pictures
6 October 2002  
ste sarkis @ backos dinner pictures
28 september 2002
Ghassan & Sylvie's Wedding Pictures
6 September2002
All the Pictures of St. Thrse's Visit to Tourza
1 September 2002  
Pictures and Views from Tourza
prepared by: Youssef.H.Saad

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